A warm welcome to the Belize Elementary School website!  This website which is the brainchild and the blood, sweat, and tears of the B.E.S. P.T.O. is one more giant stride our school has made on the road to the success and excellence.  We thank the P.T.O. for the fruition of our school’s debut on the world wide web.  May we always bloom in our endeavours.

B.E.S. strives towards the ideals of a Christian, Catholic-oriented education and we pursue excellence in academics, sports, the arts, and we aspire to the holistic development of the child.  Our students shine brightly at B.E.S. and move on to succeed in all their future endeavours.  Our alumni form an integral facet to the richness of the B.E.S. experience.

The gem that is B.E.S. has been honed and polished by the hard work and dedication of our devoted teachers and staff, our “jewels”….our students, and the continued support, cooperation, and generosity of our parents.  The Board of Governors provides guidance and expertise which benefits the growth and development of our school.  Our extended B.E.S. family includes many friends and supporters and our ever faithful alumni. Together we all add to the unique dynamic that is Belize Elementary School.

We invite everyone: current and prospective parents and students, friends and family, teachers and staff, to take a peek into the world of B.E.S. and support our continued tradition of “Commitment to Excellence.”  The author Elbert Hubbard said: “A school should not be a preparation for life.  A school should be life!”  We firmly believe that this IS B.E.S.!!

D.E. Nisbet (Mrs.)

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