Registration Procedures

Belize Elementary School includes Headstart through Standard 6.  Children must be 2 years old to be admitted to the Headstart program,3 years old to be admitted to the Pre-K program, 4 years old to be admitted to the Kindergarten and 5 years old to be admitted to Infant I, before August 31st.

The following documents are required of all new students:

  • Birth Certificate and
  • Baptism Certificate (if Catholic)

Every pupil on being admitted to school shall have his/her name entered into the “Admission and Attendance Register” with such particulars as may be required by the Board of Governors.

Transfer students must also bring the latest report card and transcript.  These students may have to take the placement test and will attend an interview with the Principal and the student’s parents or guardian.

When a student transfers after the start of the academic year, the parents/guardians are responsible to see that the student makes up all work that has been missed.  The student may or may not be promoted depending on his/her academic performance.

New students will be registered when all of the above requirements are met and the non-refundable registration fee (presently $15) has been paid.

A family education bond is also paid at this time.  This bond is valued at $1,500 and gives each family the right to seats for three (3) children in the school and is redeemable after the last child finishes school.  If the child leaves school before completion of his/her primary education, except in the case of expulsion, the bond is refundable.

In admitting new students, preference is given to children of bondholders.  The school reserves the right to accept or refuse admittance or re-admittance to any student.  Registration of all students takes place once a year for the following academic year.  A registration fee (presently $15) is paid at this time.

Parents are responsible for filling out the registration forms completely.  Any changes in addresses, telephone numbers, etc, must be turned in to the office as soon as possible when they occur at other times during the year.

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Financial Obligations

Belize Elementary School is a non-profit private school.  It receives neither government nor Diocesan subsidies.  Since it is not affiliated to any Parish, the sources of income are tuition payments and the parent-sponsored fund raising activities carried out during the school year.  It is therefore essential that parents meet the financial obligations they assume when they enroll their child(ren) in the school.

The Board of Governors in consultation with the Principal will calculate the rate and scale of Tuition Fees.  The rates and scale of Tuition Fees will be sufficient so that the aggregate of such fees will enable the school to meet its budgeted concurrent expenditure in the current fiscal year.

Before a change in the rate or scale of tuition fees can be implemented, the said charge must first be approved by the majority of members present at an Annual General Meeting, or the majority of members present at an Extraordinary General Meeting called by the Board of Governors for the purpose of obtaining such approval.

Tuition payments are to be made by the 16th day of each month for ten months, from September through June.

A late charge of 10% will be charged after the 16th of the month.  If payment is not made by the first of the following month, the student will be asked to stay at home until the account is cleared.  The student will be responsible for any work missed during this time of absence.

A fee (presently $15), plus bank charges will be charged for any returned cheques.  After two cheques are returned, it will be required that all future payments be made in cash.

If parents wish to pay all tuition and fees on a school  term or annual basis, the school will be happy to accommodate them.

Tuition is non-refundable and parents/guardians are responsible for any increases in tuition even if tuition was paid ahead.

Any family faced with financially difficulty and unable to meet tuition payments on time is asked to meet with the Principal before payment is due.

If a pupil’s tuition fees should remain unpaid for three or more consecutive months, the Principal will notify the parents or guardians that unless all outstanding fees are settled, they will be asked to remove the pupil from the school.

A one time entrance fee ($200 at present) will be payable by the parent or guardians of every pupil admitted to the school for the first time.

An annual activity fee ($300 and a $13.00 Accident Insurance Fee at present), to be assessed by the Board of Governors, will be payable by September 16th of each school year by the parents or guardians of every pupil attending the school.

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Belize Elementary School is accredited by the Belize Catholic Diocese and has been evaluated and accredited as complying with the standards set by the Ministry of Education.

Non-discrimination Policy Statement

Belize Elementary School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed or national origin.

Children with special needs may be accepted on a case-by-case basis provided that the child can be reasonably accommodated.

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